New disco, soul and funk flavoured 7 track EP from cult Manchester indie band – Dislocation Dance.

Ian Runacres has been releasing music under the name Dislocation Dance since 1980, when signed to the legendary Buzzcocks label, New Hormones. Moving to Rough Trade in 1982, (along with the Smiths), the band released an acclaimed album, Midnight Shift.

After various line-up changes and writing and producing for other artists, Ian launched Manchester’s BOP label. The ethos was to promote minority music from the North West, along with emerging dance and indie bands. The notable release being Manchester North of England compilation, featuring James and Freak Beats featuring 808 State. After a hiatus of several years, Ian reformed the band to tour Japan and released further albums – Cromer (Vinyl Japan), The Ruins of Manchester, and, Are We There Yet?, (LTM).

Dislocation Dance 2020

The new EP – Discombobulation marks the 40th anniversary of Dislocation Dance releases.

More importantly all income from this release will contribute towards crowdfunding for the treatment of Ian’s teenage son Joel, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in September 2019.

German Shepherd Records are pleased to be helping Ian and the band with this release. The EP will be pre-released via Bandcamp on 25th September 2020 with two tracks being available immediately. The full EP will be released on 30th October 2020 and will be available via all the major download and streaming platforms.

Message from Ian Runacres

In September 2019 my 19 year old son Joel, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. This is the most aggressive and lethal of all brain cancers. To help prolong his life, the best option for Joel is to receive a pioneering new treatment, as quickly as possible. The treatment is in the form of a personalised vaccine manufactured from Joel’s own tumour tissue, but it is very expensive. All income from the sale of this EP will contribute towards crowdfunding for Joel’s treatment.

The aim is to help Joel live longer.

Joel settling in at University

Information about Joel’s story and the fundraising campaign can be found at:




releases October 30, 2020

All songs written by Runacres/Lukes except track 6 – Runacres

Copyright and Published by LTM 2020

Ian Runacres: vocals, guitar, bass, ukulele, keyboards, percussion, programming
Phil Lukes: vocals, bass (track 2)
Sam Heywood: vocals
Jon Board: trumpet
Chris Gravestock: Congas
Recorded: Ian’s Playroom, Jon’s shed & Phil’s shed
Engineered: Ian Runacres & Phil Lukes
Produced: Ian Runacres

The Moff Skellington Podcasts #2 – Universal Compost Bin

The second of the new semi-regular podcasts from Moff Skellington examines the mysteries of the Universal Compost Bin. As usual Moff’s perorations on life and all its complexities is excellent and should leave you scratching your head and laughing at the same time . Wild Farting Doughnuts are clearly the thing to follow this year and listeners will no doubt be wanting to steer clear of clicking ball point pens. Lose yourself in the magical world of Abstercot.

Distribution Problems

Unfortunately one of the companies we use to distribute our releases to streaming sites has decided with no notice, other than two weeks, to withdraw their services. This means that some of our releases will no longer be available on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc in around two weeks time. Also some releases that were planned for the next few weeks will unfortunately be delayed.

The good news is that the Bandcamp versions of all of the affected releases will still be available and you will still be able to access all of those releases direct from there. In fact we strongly recommend that you use Bandcamp instead of the major streaming sites.

With Bandcamp after a one off payment to purchase a release you have unlimited streaming via their App and also you can download the music in your favourite format – MP3, WAV, FLAC etc. The bonus for us is that we get immediate income from sales as opposed to the streaming sites where we get pitifully small amounts per stream three months later.

The following releases have been affected – we aim to get these back up on the streaming sites as soon as we can but it will take time as it is a very labour intensive process.

  • Loop-Aznavour – Les Idiots D’Electronique – in addition Loops new EP “In The Kitchen With Loop-Aznavour will be delayed
  • 2 Lost Souls – Liquorice Flavour
  • Mark Corrin – Washed Up
  • The Junta – Network and the Tech Noir (Single) – you can get Tech Noir the new album “J3” which is available via streaming sites
  • Crab Dance GIs – Stage Fright
  • The Parasite – Social Validation Feedback Loop
  • West Coast Sick Line – Colour Climax
  • Cosmic Panthers – Ball The Wall
  • Four Candles – Alternative Golf
  • Space Museum – I Have Seen Your Dreams
  • Elastikbande – Very Busy
  • The Screaming Love Collective – We Breathe Like This Now
  • Moss Skellington – The Lump
  • Matthew Hopkins – Love Don’t Do Logic
  • Space Museum – Histamine/Excruciate
  • The Right Side of Reason – Blue Sky – this was due next Friday but will be delayed unfortunately
  • Jed – Black Gold Texas Tea

The Last Moff of 2020

October is always an important month in the mythos of Abstercot and Eddodi. It is entirely appropriate therefore that the sixth and final release from Moff Skellington in 2020 comes on October 2nd.

Y E A S T  is another collection from the bard of Abstercot once again exploring unique and abstract music and verbal places. Moff continues to astound us with his fecundity and invention. This new set of tunes perhaps explores even more hitherto unheard angles in the complexities of Abstercot (the Brigadoon of Dream Sleep). The fractured dub of “A Tribute to Throbbling Gristle” for example takes us in an industrial direction. There is spoken word, klezmer squeeze boxing, and repetition. Imagine if you would 1979 Cabaret Voltaire mixed with a heady cocktail of jazz, mutant blues, Afrobeat,  Comus, Hattie Jacques, Arthur Lowe, and Mrs Slocum from “Are You Being Served?” and you get some way towards what this collection sounds like. Alien sounds and mutterings pervade Moff’s interlocutory perorations. There is an almost Beefheartian feel to this latest collection in that it is so unique and refreshing.

We appreciate that this music may be somewhat different to the majority of listeners but we strive to share and hopefully educate the general public about the magic and breadth of the Abstercot experience.

Moff in repose

Moff’s new podcast series is being released almost fortnightly and is available from our Mixcloud page.