West Coast Sick Line Second Album gets second outing

Influential North Wales combo West Coast Sick Line have their second album “Our Name On The Door” released via German Shepherd today. With a revised track listing and the addition of a new remix by sonic ubermensch  Space Museum the album is available as Pay What You Want.

WCSL main main Dusty Moonan says of the album:

We were now a solid three piece and rehearsing regularly. But those rehearsals usually ended up heavy drinking sessions and playing Shangri-Las covers.


However, I do think this album reflects that time pretty well. We call it our ‘party album’ and subconsciously, I think that’s where the album title comes from. It lacks a theme or even a direction, so the ideas for the songs are completely random. We would also practice the songs as a unit before recording them, as opposed to previously when they would receive a demo and go over their parts. This is most evident on ‘431’ where Stacey writes her own lines and I write mine.

‘Our Name on the Door’, was a real team effort, a lot of fun to make and hopefully this comes through on these recordings.

The album contains the original version of foot-stomping DJ favourite “Have You Ever Been To The North” which was recently remixed by Periscope and released on the Zozak label.

WCSL are currently finalising the recording of their new album which will also be released on German Shepherd and are also rehearsing for dates in the Summer and Autumnn.