The Electric Cheese join German Shepherd

Spiral Image

Chorley based psychedelic pop trio The Electric Cheese have joined up with German Shepherd to release their first EP “Lactose Intolerant”.

The band were formed in March 2014 after former Taser Puppets bass player Jason went back to playing guitar and singing.

Via the magic of the internet, bassist Tom and drummer Matt were recruited to form the tight power trio that is The Electric Cheese.

Since their first gig at Salford Music Festival in September 2014, they have been purveying their particular brand of funky/punky psych pop around venues in Manchester, Salford and Liverpool as well as their home town of Chorley.

Jason Gorgonzola – Guitar and vocals

Tommy Brie – Bass and vocals

Matt Crumbly Lancashire – Drums

Here’s a preview of one of the tracks from the forthcoming EP – “Gold Divers : Under The Ice”

Live At Lomax