Twin Ion-Morph releases are our first offerings for July


With the summer heat beating down we offer two slices of Ion-Morph as our first releases in July.

Working again with Loop-aznavour, Ion brings two stunning tracks – the sixties pop stylings of “Go For The Throat” are married with the silky gallic pop charm of Hog & Bone, there are echoes of 70s TV themes in the mix as well. The two combine to create a fantastic sound and we believe this is their best release to date,

The dynamic duo are currently working on a full album release for later in the year.


The second release sees the return of the familial duo of Morph and Nemo with a cautionary tale. Morph advises “The novels of Jim Thompson have given me pleasure and inspiration over several decades , I recently informed a psychiatrist that I identified strongly with Lou Ford the central character in ‘ The Killer Inside Me ‘ , this is an imagining of inhabiting said characters mindset.”

Nemo plays with unusual time signatures to create a unique musical experience. This track is offered as free download.