Super Sellers

4th of September sees the release of a four track EP from Manchester legends Monkeys In Love,

Monkeys In Love met at a rave in a disused mental asylum in 2005. Since then they have grown from an original shouty two-piece configuration to become a decidedly more dynamic and considered five-piece. Their sound is hard to pigeon hole, but could be described as a strange canned-cocktail of forgotten film soundtracks, junk shop glam, lead-footed library funk, early eighties British indie, sludge metal… or maybe just a drunken, surly Stereolab.

Their lyrics are sly and sardonic and cover a broad range of subjects, including the cycle of life, internet trolls and hair transplants. They are a heavily visual band and incorporate puppetry, props and projection into the live act.

Monkeys In Love

Monkeys In Love from left to right above are:  

Laura on vox and visual stuff, Eamonn on guitar, Chris on bass
Steve on vox, keys and lyrics and Danielle on guitar, flute and recorder

The Superselling Sounds Of The Monkeys In Love is a round-up of some actual jingles that the band have  made for various things and some mock jingles that they have made for fun. It’s also a twist on the idea of a “best-of” compilation, in that some of the tracks are re-purposed versions of some of their more popular songs that they’ve either re-recorded or remixed and now sport exciting new lyrics about radio shows and stuff.

The tracks are

  1. Graphene Is Making The Scene
  2. Salesmen’s Wives
  3. Superselling Sounds Medley
  4. Gin In A Can 2015

Most of the EP was recorded by Steve between March and July 2015, but track three comprises of material recorded between June 2012 and July 2015. All songs by Monkeys In Love, except Salesmen’s Wives by Monkeys In Love & P. Nash

Priced at £3 the EP is available as a digital download from the German Shepherd Bandcamp Site from September 4th.