Observations from LS9

What was supposed to be our final release of 2016 – has been somewhat downgraded to pre-penultimate – the penultimate and ultimate will be revealed in the week before Christmas. Pending that we offer you “Owed To Spectral Mummy” by Moff Skellington.

Moff’s 32nd release is an EP and is a more personal collection of Eddodi observations than usual. Memory and dreams dominate like a Harold Wilson era fried egg, that special tin of peaches on the sideboard, Camp coffee with its chicory essence, meat and potato pie with a thick crust and unctuous gravy. The dust of time settling on fractured thoughts

Moff does not want it to be seen as an afterthought though.

The project is very important.

The opening and closing poems are dream portraits of his parents, comprised of conjoined and distorted memories. The passage of time and all the associated ramifications of catabasis.

Family Heirloom is an invented memory. If you can imagine the river of time has many ox bow lakes. This is one belonging to the Skellington family.

A smuggled postcard home is an evocation of what it’s like i.e. Weapon’s grade Edoddi.

Viaduct is about a very realistic book Moff once read. The Viaduct by David Wheldon. A kind of Pilgrims Progress taking place on an endless railway. Pertinent given Moff’s earlier career worrying metal with a hammer.

LS9 is where the Skellingtons abide. It is a scrupulously accurate piece of reportage, particularly the huttyphone seizure at the end.

The Golden Trump is self proclaiming.

In anticipation of 2017 and a concerted effort to get Moff and chums music to a wider audience at the next Smoked Ears Grow Back event this collection ties up a very busy Eddodi year with an apposite selection.

releases December 16, 2016

Moff Skellington – vocals, accordion, melodica, harmonicas, whistles, ukulele, guitar, huttyphone, stylophone, bodhran, jaw harp, kalimba, dulcimer, metronome, tenor horn, baritone euphonium, various percussion and elastic bands.