Dystopia vs Utopia

Dumfries, Scotland based band The Screaming Love Collective release their second album of 2017 with “Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now” this June. Whilst the former album “Spirit Radio” channeled the optimism of post World War 2 youth, the new one takes a far more dystopian view of things with the realization that the jet-packs and space travels we were promised back in the golden age of Science Fiction haven’t arrived yet. Utopia has been postponed!

With sixteen tracks coming in at just over an hour the band, under the guidance of project leader Bryn Thorburn, deliver their “Psychedelic Post Punk Dark Disco Groove Sensation” sound mixing a range of genres and styles to create and exciting new listening experience which bridges genres.

Copies of the first album Spirit Radio are still available

The new album includes previous single releases “People Make People” and “This Tragic Universe” and clearly demonstrates the diversity and inventiveness of this great band.

Release date is June 23rd via Bandcamp and all the usual digital outlets….