Under the Waves off Kanagwa

This new release was the last song Sam wrote and recorded in his old studio of nearly 10 years, where he composed over 200 songs.

He recorded it in 2017, all as one take, with a couple of overdubs added recently for this release.

The song is explicitly about victim shaming and what it feels to be on the thick end of that.

It is a deeply personal song that had to be shared

“…… a fabulous, quite moving piece…. deserves to be heard far and wide.” Dave Hammond, Cambridge 105

“…after too long a wait Sam Smith is back with a stunning new single which is a marker for his first full length album in early 2019. Building on his success to date in capturing the raw heart of rock and roll Sam has delivered a breathtaking new tune, an epic song wracked with emotion which will leave the listener gripped until the very last note.” AURAL DELIGHTS BLOG

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