Crab Dance G.I.s return with Dayglo Dave

22nd February sees the release of a brand new single from Crab Dance G.I.s called “Dayglo Dave”.

Crab Dance G.I.s is Danny Cusick (KIT B, The Hidden Gem) and Craig Bodell (The Hidden Gem).

Released via German Shepherd Records Bandcamp page and to over 40 digital outlets via AWAL distribution, the single focuses on those music fans who focus on just one genre to the exclusion of others – in this case “Dayglo Dave” who only listens to “new wave”. Steeped in Manchester pop smarts with a garage rock vibe this is the sound of Manchester 2019.

Another single “Back in the Day” will follow on 22nd March.

This release follows on from the bands debut single (Listen to the) Dole Drums/Compassion Fatigue


Dayglo Dave Cover