Greetings from Abstercot U.K.

March 15th sees the first dual effort by Moff Skellington and Auster Boys. Titled “Greetings from Abstercot UK” the two track release brings together the pyschogeography of Auster Boys and the other worldly genre known as Eddodi. Auster North produced two funky electro backing tracks and Moff added a good portion of Abstercot magic to create something new entirely, here is a sneak preview…… we hesitate to add the usual RIYL thing as this is nothing like anything you have heard before, unless you live in Abstercot!

For the main release the single will feature the two tracks, for German Shepherd subscribers the release will include the two Auster Boys base tracks as an added bonus

The cover art shows the centres of Leeds, Northampton and Eccles – all Abstercot in their own way!

Abstercot UK Thumbnail