German Shepherd Records Newsletter 39 – Mark Corrin album, sycloner, Moff Skellington and gigs!

Hello and welcome to the latest news from German Shepherd Records.

This week –

– Mark Corrin explores the Pub Bin
– sycloner bring Gold Coast sunshine to German Shepherd
– Moff Skellington announces huge art exhibition
– gig news


19th April sees the release of a new album from Mark Corrin.

Mark Corrin’s early releases as “Shirokuma” were frequently broadcast on the John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1, and his more recent solo work has featured on BBC Late Junction with Nick Luscombe. He also presents a weekly music radio show himself on Salford City Radio and has collaborated and performed with several notable artists from all over the world both live and on record. He has previously also been a member of groups including Una Baines’ (The Fall) band Poppycock, Rose & The Diamond Hand and is currently working with a new group called Elastikbande.

“Pub Bin” a digital only release is described as a dark comedy concept album set mostly in the venues, shops, offices, pubs and bins of modern Manchester. Blending electro pop and punk with Mark’s wry observational humour this is the album to lighten the mood of a distressed nation, and world!

Mark’s recent set at Manchester Meltdown includes many of the tracks from the album

You can check out Mark’s previous solo releases on two separate pages on Bandcamp as well as via Valentine Records Bandcamp page. Links are available on our artist profile page.

Mark is playing live on 26th April at The Railway, Didsbury, Manchester


Brisbane-Gold Coast duo sycloner (the S is lower case) become the first Australian artists to join German Shepherd Records. We will be distributing their first two EPs, which are currently available on Bandcamp, from May 24th with hopefully new material to follow soon. Their sophisticated indie sounds are deserving of a wider audience and we hope to spread the word about these talented musicians.


Master of Eddodi Moff Skellington has announced a major exhibition of his art at the Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park during May. Exhibition will run from 11am to 4pm each week Tuesday to Sunday. 30 canvasses and 40 prints will be on show at the exhibition.



Forthcoming gigs featuring German Shepherd artists


  • 12th – Inferior Complex play The Shooting Star, Southampton
  • 13th – Positronik play London Road Inn, Buxton
  • 14th – Rose and the Diamond Hand play SpringFest at Victoria Baths, Manchester
  • 18th – Inferior Complex play The Facebar, Reading
  • 20th – Toska Wilde plays The Venue, Southend On Sea
  • 26th – Mark Corrin plays The Railway, Didsbury


  • 1st to 31st – Moff Skellington has an art exhibition at Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park, Checkley, Hertfordshire
  • 3rd – The Scissors play The Blue Moon, Cambridge
  • 4th – Positronik and Pearl Divers play Music on the Market Place, Buxton
  • 4th – The Mind Sweepers play The Frunge Festival, The Elmerglen Hotel, Thornhill
  • 5th – Keltrix play The Green Man Brew Ballyhoo, Granchester
  • 10th – Adventures of Salvador play Ramsbottom Cricket Club
  • 18th -Weimar play the Eagle, Salford supporting St Lucifer
  • 24th – Four Candles play Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club
  • 25th – Sam Smith plays Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club


  • 1st – Keltrix play Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common, Cambridge
  • 5th – The Junta plays West Street Live, Sheffield
  • 7th – The Parish Church Fire and Four Candles are playing The Eagle, Salford
  • 7th – Inferior Complex play The Alexandra, Southampton
  • 15th – The Mind Sweepers are supporting JD Meatyard at Leith Depot Edinburgh tickets are £5 with £1 going to local homeless charity.
  • 21st – Weimar play The Eagle, Salford
  • 24th – The Junta plays The Peer Hat, Manchester with Lucky + Love.
  • 26th – Dominic Carlton Jones plays Cuckoo Calling (Featured Artist) Bury New Road, Prestwich


  • 4th-6th – The Mind Sweepers play Electric Festival, Drumlanrig Castle (North West of Dumfries off the A76
  • 5th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 5th – Inferior Complex play The Shooting Star, Southampton
  • 13th – Umbrella Assassins play The Smokehouse, Ipswich
  • 19th – The Scissors with Ember Rev at Blue Moon Cambridge
  • 20th – Keltrix play Whoosh Festival, The Missing Sock, Sto-Cum-Quy
  • 28th – Monkeys In Love celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at The Klondyke Club, Levenshulme – afternoon show between 1pm and 5pm


  • 9th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 16th – Keltrix play The Green Man, Granchester