Newsletter 40 : 26th April Release from The Parasite, Subscribe, What’s Coming, and, Gigs!


We are pleased to announce the latest release from The Parasite

The Parasite are Ian Moss (Hamsters, Four Candles) and Bob Osborne (Space Museum, Auster Boys) who just happen to co-own German Shepherd Records. They have appeared in various guises before – The Parasite being their latest vehicle to purvey their mix of spoken word, heartfelt vocalese and sound design.

The latest release, a ten track album, is called “All Limitations Are Self-Imposed is released on 26th April in digital format via Bandcamp and distributed by Ditto to over 30 platforms including Spotify, You Tube, Amazon etc


The album reflects the usual Parasite themes – the dark worlds behind the shiny veneer of pop music, revenge, identity, politics, and the state of the nation. Musically the album veers between various genres and presents the duo’s off-kilter “tempo ignoring” attacks on perceived wisdom of what melody and rhythm should conform to.

Previous releases by The Parasite are available from the German Shepherd Records Bandcamp page.

The Parasite can be reached on Facebook


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What’s coming soon from the Kennel

19/4/19 Mark Corrin Pub Bin
26/4/19 The Parasite All limitations are self imposed
3/5/19 Moff Skellington The Pukes of a Hot Cloister
3/5/19 The Parish Church Fire Hunger
10/5/19 The Scissors Live at the Smokehouse
17/5/19 Loop -Aznavour President of the Noise Abatement Society
24/5/19 sycloner Not Without You
24/5/19 sycloner Lost and Found


Although it’s not one of our gigs Ian is appearing with Simon Ding Archer as Unseasonal Beasts as part of the MASS Assembly project from Manchester Uni at The Castle Hotel on May 8th. It is a free event but you need to register for a ticket on the event page.


  • 18th – Inferior Complex play The Facebar, Reading
  • 20th – Toska Wilde plays The Venue, Southend On Sea
  • 26th – Mark Corrin plays The Railway, Didsbury


  • 1st to 31st – Moff Skellington has an art exhibition at Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park, Checkley, Hertfordshire
  • 3rd – The Scissors play The Blue Moon, Cambridge
  • 4th – Positronik and Pearl Divers play Music on the Market Place, Buxton
  • 4th – The Mind Sweepers play The Frunge Festival, The Elmerglen Hotel, Thornhill
  • 5th – Keltrix play The Green Man Brew Ballyhoo, Granchester
  • 7th – Ian Moss performs in Unseasonal Beasts project with Simon “Ding” Archer at the Castle Hotel, Manchester as part of the MASS assembly event.
  • 10th – Adventures of Salvador play Ramsbottom Cricket Club
  • 11th – Keltrix play The Haymakers, Cambridge (Acoustic Set)
  • 18th -Weimar play the Eagle, Salford supporting St Lucifer
  • 24th – Four Candles play Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club
  • 25th – Sam Smith plays Strummercamp at Oldham Rugby Club


  • 1st – Keltrix play Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common, Cambridge
  • 5th – The Junta plays West Street Live, Sheffield
  • 7th – The Parish Church Fire  and Four Candles are playing The Eagle, Salford
  • 7th – Inferior Complex play The Alexandra, Southampton
  • 15th – The Mind Sweepers are supporting JD Meatyard at Leith Depot Edinburgh tickets are £5 with £1 going to local homeless charity.
  • 21st – Weimar play The Eagle, Salford
  • 24th – The Junta plays The Peer Hat, Manchester with Lucky + Love.
  • 26th – Dominic Carlton Jones plays Cuckoo Calling (Featured Artist) Bury New Road, Prestwich
  • 28th


  • 4th-6th – The Mind Sweepers play Electric Festival, Drumlanrig Castle (North West of Dumfries off the A76
  • 5th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 5th – Inferior Complex play The Shooting Star, Southampton
  • 13th – Umbrella Assassins play The Smokehouse, Ipswich
  • 13th – Electric Cheese play Indiefest 2019 at The Boulevard, Wigan
  • 19th –  The Scissors with Ember Rev at Blue Moon Cambridge
  • 20th – Keltrix play Whoosh Festival, The Missing Sock, Sto-Cum-Quy
  • 28th – Monkeys In Love celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at The Klondyke Club, Levenshulme – afternoon show between 1pm and 5pm


  • 9th – Mark Corrin’s Elastikbande play The Railway, Didsbury
  • 10th – Weimar play Scarborough Apollo
  • 16th – Keltrix play The Green Man, Granchester
  • 25th – Toska Wilde plays It Came From The Sea II at The Centre, Margate