New album from Issac Navaro and an Easter Meltdown


January 24th sees the release of the new album from Issac Navaro.

Entitled “Nijua” it is the follow up to 2019’s “Outer Rings” and the sixth release with German Shepherd from this artist.


Issac Navaro provides a potent mix of ambient, electronic music with nods towards post-rock. Science Fiction, space travel, football, and the moon, are key themes in this release with tracks referencing the moon landings,  Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and legendary dutch footballer Arie Haan all part of a 15 track collection. Trademark Navaro themes are in play, piano melodies set against a lush backdrop of layered synths. As a bit of a twist this time around though there’s a vocal track with nods towards blue eyed soul as part of this release.

Work is underway to re-release, via the major digital outlets, the previous material by this artist – pending that all releases are available from our Bandcamp page….and are linked on the artist page on our website.

Issac Navaro was originally part of The Screaming Love Collective and also the duo Stereopod with Mark Taylor.

Issac provided an excellent track “Cloudburst”  for our recent charity album “Off The Leash”



The calendar is filling up rapidly with gigs way into the summer. Notably Easter weekend sees the return of Manchester Meltdown at The Peer Hat with a two night package on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

Friday sees Four Candles and Adventures of Salvador in play with an extra special headliner to be announced soon.

Saturday sees an afternoon and evening event commencing at 4pm with a great line-up of Elastikband, Horsemeat (featuring Bert Genovese of Bobbie Peru and The E-Fits), Matthew Hopkins, Factory Acts, Unseasonal Beasts, and headliners the legendary band The Cravats. More details to follow soon.

The rest of our gigs can be found on the right hand column on this site!