Auster Boys Celebrate new album with a podcast of music they love

To celebrate the release of the new Auster Boys album “Lost In The Former East” Bob Auster South had a good idea, why not highlight some of the music that both the Auster Boys admire in a podcast? There is a lot of common ground musically between the two members of the band but it is great Australian Songs that have remained constant in both of their listening and music collections. There is some excellent music here, much of it may be unfamiliar. We hope it inspires and encourages further listening to the following marvellous artists….

The Apartments, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, The Coral Snakes, The Saints, Laughing Clown, Mark and Rob Snarski, Jackson Code, The Triffids, The Blackeyed Susans, Chad’s Tree, The Go-Betweens and The Neary Brothers all deliver great songs!

Tracks from the actual Auster release will be featured on Bob O’s Aural Delights Show #377