Kaiju Hijinks

The third full length album from Cambridge based alternative rock band  Bouquet of Dead Crows welcomes new bassist Karen Gadd, which balances out the yin and yang within the quartet, and which also  brings a fresh and revitalised feel to the bands sound.

BODC New Line-up

The complete collection is called Hemispheres – the title of which describes an album of two parts – Celestial and Cerebral.

We released a first track from the album “Left to Rot” in October last year.

The second release from the album is a single “Kaiju Hijinks” which will be available via Bandcamp and all the main digital outlets  from April 4th.

The recording of the second half of the album has been delayed so on May 22nd we will be releasing the first half of the album – Celestial.  More details to follow!

This latest chapter in the Bouquet of Dead Crows story  finds the quartet adopting a more progressive sound with their trademark riffs with big melodies approach being enhanced to incorporate more layered and nuanced elements, different time signatures, and more reflective and sometimes ambient sections. The duality of the album title is carried through to the music. Intense hard rocking sections contrast with quieter moments.

Artwork for the single has as usual been created by the highly talented Stewart Harris.