New Singles from Ian & Neil Moss and 2 Lost Souls plus new Mesmer Disciples

Hi Folks

Hope you are all well and coping with this strange state of affairs

We continue unabated to share new music with you – being mostly digital does have its advantages.

On April 17th we have two new releases featuring Ian Moss.

First up he is back with brother Neil with a new single called “Blowing Smoke Up My Hole” – While Neil goes ultra minimal his big brother dissects the shallowness of celebrity and the mutual need of worshippers and the worshipped. Probably their most avant- garde single to date!

Blowing Smoke

The other release involving Ian is through his partnership with Paul Rosenfeld in 2 Lost Souls. Their new single is called “Liquorice Flavour” and comes with a “B” side called “Scrape It Off”. German Shepherd subscribers will also receive a bonus track called “Soho”. As a polar opposite to the Ian and Neil release this is a pure rock song with Ian demanding he hear some proper Rock and Roll from Jerry Lee Lewis rather than being fed the watered down pop of Fabian. Paul provides all the music with the sterling assistance of Paul O’Sullivan on bass.

Liquorice Flavour

We’ve just launched a competition with a fiendishly hard quiz to win a limited edition 2 Lost Souls T Shirt or a digital copy of their album “Cords and Digits”. Everyone who enters will get a free copy of the new single – check out the ultra hard quiz here

In addition to the above  Ian, Neil and Paul have curated a podcast to support the release of the singles which will be available from Bob’s Mixcloud page on the week of release.

And in other news…..

Leeds based Mesmer Disciples are back with a brand new single – we are currently sorting out a release date  – here’s a preview….