Umbrella Assassins Lockdown Special

A special show put together by Garry, Steve and Bunge from Umbrella Assassins celebrating the release of their new album “Humanity”. The show follows the story behind the album with interludes and musical choices which reflect the narrative.

“Dodo Freak (Freakum Dodois) the last of his kind. Losing faith in humanity he escapes to a new planet. As years go by he wonders what has become of his old home, so he decides to look. Hurtling through the countryside in his spaceship he meets a girl, falls in love and starts a family. Through new found friends he assembles a band of humans, those lucky few. The pioneers of the twelve by ten. The creators of Shed Punk. Umbrella Assassins bring you an album. Humanity, The next phase of the journey.”

The new album will be available via German Shepherd records from April 10th 2020.