2 Lost Souls T Shirt – Competition Winners and Answers

Thanks to everyone who took part in our competition to win a 2 Lost Souls T-Shirt

T- Shirts have been mailed out today to the lucky winners. Download links for the single will be e-mailed on Friday after the single has been released apart from subscribers who will get them automatically.

Here are the answers to the questions – please note that there was a typo in the original set of questions and that Question 7 should have said Dr Filth rather than Dr Freaks Padded Cell.


1 Which 70s band was Neil Moss a member of? Which group did the singer of that band go on to form? The Frantic Elevators

Simply Red

2 Eddie Fenn was a member of The Stepbrothers with Ian Moss. Which ex  member of The Fall’s band was Eddie a member of and name that band? Marc Riley

The Creepers

3 Name the two support bands playing at the gig at The Kings Arms when DJ  Dave Hammond met Bob & Ian at The Distractions gig. Factory Star

The June Brides

4 What is the name of the imaginary location that appears in much of Moff Skellington’s work Abstercot
5 How many ex-members of The Fall have released music with German Shepherd Records? Four – Una Baines, Simon “Ding” Archer, Mike Leigh, Kate Themen
6 What is the name of the metal covers band that Jon Rowlinson and Mark Taylor of Four Candles play in. Pierrepoint
7 Which band on German Shepherd includes an ex-member of Dr Filth? 2 Lost Souls
8 German Shepherd release music by a band from Leeds – what are they called? Mesmer Disciples
9 Who are Michael T. Scott and Paul Ridley better known as? Staggs
10 Name Aidan Cross’s band before Weimar (his band – not one he was in lead by another person) The Bacillus
11 Who sang backing vocals on the first German Shepherd release? Steve and Laura Simms Luddington
12 Who hosts a famous supper club on the Prick Jaggers album? Lou Reed
13 Which two musicians link the bands Weimar and Poppycock and what is the name of the band they are in. John Armstrong, Anne Marie Crowley – The Speed of Sound
14 Who sings guest vocals on EP2 by the Unseasonal Beasts – what is the name of their current bands Tamsin Middleton – Vice Vera

Susan O’Shea – Factory Acts

15 Which song links The Junta and Adventures of Salvador? Welcome to My Village
16 Bob Osborne wrote the lyrics to the song “Panic in The Elevator” by Northampton Band Essential Personnel – which more (sort of) famous band did the guitarist from Essential Personnel go on to form? Bonus Points if you can name him. Where’s Lisse?

Patrick Egan

17 Which 1968 Vincent Price film has a link to a German Shepherd artist? The Witchfinder General (i.e.Matthew Hopkins)
18 Who are Bert Vile and Rat better known as? Flea
19 Which German Shepherd  band writes and records their music in a shed? Umbrella Assassins
20 Which German Shepherd artists first music project was called Shirokuma? Mark Corrin

Liquorice Flavour