New singles from Night Operations and The Teenage Propshafts

This week sees annoucements of two new singles

May 8th sees the release of a brand new single from Night Operations.

Entitled “Pull The Trigger” it’s a taster from the forthcoming third album.

Night Operations is the project of Mike Powell who has already released the albums Mantra and Advantage with German Shepherd Records as well as a number of singles and EPs.

The new single continues the success of Night Operations with a driving piece of electronic rock.


Released TODAY is the debut single from The Teenage Propshafts.

This mysterious band, which is couched in legend, has only previously released a one off track – the title track of our Salford Streets compilation. They are back with an often recounted tale of a chance encounter in an amusement arcade in Manchester in the early 1980s called “Me, My Dad & The Fire Engines”. The tune/tale has been a staple of The Teenage Propshafts repertoire for many years and is now shared with the world in all its protean glory.

This is offered free/name your price but if listeners wish to donate something we will be giving any monies received to the charity Mary’s Meals.The single is available now on Bandcamp and comes with a dub version as a b-side

Plans for a follow up single are germinating ….watch this space!