The rallying call of The Teenage Propshaft!

The legendary cry “I Was A Teenage Propshaft” has been heard at Manchester/Salford gigs for many years now. This release celebrates that rallying call and invites you to join in and express your inner Propshaft.

“I was a teenage what? You guys from Manchester are crazy……….” Patti Smith
“I’m A Propshaft”  Kirk Douglas

We are offering this for free but if you do feel generous we will send what you spend to Mary’s Meals charity

Featuring the legendary line up of :

Stevie Propshaft – Lead Vocals
Monty Propshaft – Bass and Shabba
Doo Doo Propshaft – Guitar
Enrico Propshaft Jr – Drums

with the assistance of The Propshaft Choir

Propshaft Cover