Moongoose curate Podcast to support the release of the Yellow and Black EPs

To mark the release of two EPs from Moongoose on German Shepherd Records on 5th June we present  a podcast curated by David “Yorkie” Palmer. “Yorkie” introduces it as follows:

“Ever since I can remember, I have had a very deep love and appreciation for movie soundtracks. I even used to buy albums for films I was too young to have ever seen. My elder brother thought that I was weird. Early Bond Films, Spaghetti Western themes. Horror soundtracks. I bought them all. The music was so evocative, It didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen the real movie…I just made my own up in my head. This is at the very core of Moongoose. Soundtracks for the imagination. With only a title as a jumping off point.
Collected here are some of my very favourite pieces of music from over the years. Join me and take your imagination for a walk.”

The giants of movie soundtracks are all here with memorable sounds…….in between some earlier Moongoose releases….

The playlist is….

1. The Dome/The City – Logan’s Run – Jerry Goldsmith
2. …And From My Window I Look Down On Skyscrapers – Organic
Technology – Moongoose
3. Main Title – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – John Barry
4. Prelude – Psycho – Bernard Herrmann
5. Coming To LA – They Live – John Carpenter
6. Main Title – Suspiria – Goblin
7. The Sound Of Trees – Missives From The Memory Machine – Moongoose
8. Main Title – Taxi Driver- Bernard Herrmann
9. Main Title – Planet Of The Apes – Jerry Goldsmith
10. Hore, Der Du Wagst – Nosferatu – Popol Vuh
11. Deep Blue Day – For All Mankind – Brian Eno
12. End Titles – Blade Runner – Vangelis
13. Mid Beat Theme – Losy – Andrzej Korzynski
14. Main Theme – The Ipcress File – John Barry
15. Prelude & Rooftop – Vertigo – Bernard Herrmann
16. Capsule In Space – You Only Live Twice – John Barry
17. Those Pictures – The Forbidden Pictures Of A Society Lady -Ennio
18. Bedroom City – Tokyo Glow – Moongoose

All proceeds from the sales of the Yellow and Black EPs will be donated to Shelter.

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