Joint Release with Fuzzy Warbles – Cosmic Panthers

NYC and Manchester have proud and distinct musical heritages, think of the Velvet Underground and the Fall, the Ramones and Buzzcocks, Suicide and Joy Division all different in location and output and yet there is something similar in terms of attitude that links them.

Fuzzy Warbles and German Shepherd as labels existing on separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean still share an ethos of releasing and promoting music of true quality by artists who exist outside the mainstream making music out of love and emotional necessity rather as a career choice, both champion the underdog.

And so what does a musical collision between these two cities, these music capitals sound like? With the world in lockdown they decided, with the aid of smart phones and laptops, to find out.

Ben from Fuzzy Warbles and Ian from German Shepherd swapped ideas and wrote four songs long distance. Happy with what they had created, they were recorded and, we give you rumbling synths, guitars that sting, and acid tongued vocals. We welcome you to the cross pollinated world of Cosmic Panthers and the EP Ball The Wall.