The Last Moff of 2020

October is always an important month in the mythos of Abstercot and Eddodi. It is entirely appropriate therefore that the sixth and final release from Moff Skellington in 2020 comes on October 2nd.

Y E A S T  is another collection from the bard of Abstercot once again exploring unique and abstract music and verbal places. Moff continues to astound us with his fecundity and invention. This new set of tunes perhaps explores even more hitherto unheard angles in the complexities of Abstercot (the Brigadoon of Dream Sleep). The fractured dub of “A Tribute to Throbbling Gristle” for example takes us in an industrial direction. There is spoken word, klezmer squeeze boxing, and repetition. Imagine if you would 1979 Cabaret Voltaire mixed with a heady cocktail of jazz, mutant blues, Afrobeat,  Comus, Hattie Jacques, Arthur Lowe, and Mrs Slocum from “Are You Being Served?” and you get some way towards what this collection sounds like. Alien sounds and mutterings pervade Moff’s interlocutory perorations. There is an almost Beefheartian feel to this latest collection in that it is so unique and refreshing.

We appreciate that this music may be somewhat different to the majority of listeners but we strive to share and hopefully educate the general public about the magic and breadth of the Abstercot experience.

Moff in repose

Moff’s new podcast series is being released almost fortnightly and is available from our Mixcloud page.