Lizard Brain release Two Singles

Cambridge based band Lizard Brain release two new singles on October 16th.

Othering which features David and Richard is a timely tune with the American Presidential Elections so close. Othering is the division of people into “us” and “them”. Othering increasingly seems to be a political strategy used to create fear and distract from the most pressing issues facing humanity. We need to unite to create a mandate to deal with the huge issues of inequality and the climate crisis.

Round and Round is one of Mark’s and features former Lizard Brain Member Tony Jenkins.

Kids often dance to music by just spinning around and losing their inhibitions. Mark really wanted to see a whole room full of people doing that – arms out, head back, laughing and spinning. So that’s the vision that started the music. Tony’s dark lyric hints at a dysfunctional relationship, perhaps with our political representatives….?