Herstory Single and Video Launched

Celtic/Symphonic Electro Folk group Keltrix return with a brand new

The new release is also the title track of their next album which is released on April 17th 2021.

Keltrix core members Keri Kel (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Sharon Sullivan (producer/violinist) are back, this time they are joined by Jason Williams (electric guitar).

Of the new single and the forthcoming album the group say:

“Herstory is the first concept album we have ever attempted, for Keri as a songwriter and Sharon as a producer . Herstory targets the harm patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and capitalism has on ‘we the people’ and our home Earth, from the perspective of survivors of rape, domestic/child abuse and multiple sexual assaults. Herstory is for survivors by survivors and encourages those who have not, to be brave seek help and speak out. Silence protects abusers, the more we say the less power they have.”

Jay, who appeared on one track on the Bobby Says album which was subsequently released as a single, was a member of one of John Peel’s favourites “The Broken Family Band”.

The band have also launched a crowdfunder to help pay one of Bjork’s producers – Mandy Parnell to master the new album