New Podcast – Hexen Files

Luisa from Elastikbande and La Capsula, together with friend Louise, presents just over an hour of new music from Italy and the UK. The emphasis is on punk and ethereal pop and our own Rose and the Diamond Hand is featured. The podcast is available in both English and Italian,

The playlist is

WideHips69 – Live fat die drunk
Lame – Ice cold judah
Lame – Disappear
Hallelujah! – Wanna dance
Hallelujah! – Mini Pony
Healthy Junkies – On way to portland
Healthy Junkies – Streets of olympia
Healthy Junkies – Something in the way
Wow – Occhi di Serpente
Wow – Morire per amore
Pat Pend – Non ho sonno
Pat Pend – Sempre piu giu’
Alex De Large – I love Tekken
Alex De Large – Into your grave
Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Curse
Augustine – Augustine
Augustine – In the mountains
Augustine – Speak Motherese
Rose and the Diamond Hand – Icicle
Denise Johnson – Nothing you can do