From The Kennel

Regular listeners and watchers will know that we put together a charity album around Christmas time. 2020 is no exception with a new 30 (+6) track album being released on Christmas Day.

Our wonderful bands and artists have submitted some excellent tunes to make up an eclectic mix of material which more than adequately describe what the label is about – variety and innovation.

The release is on Bandcamp and features 30 streamable tracks however those who purchase the album will get 6 bonus tracks as part of their download.

Our charity this year is Shelter. We are committed to reduction of the scourge of homelessness which is even more acute this year with an uncaring government and raging pandemic. Local Authorities are struggling to meet the needs of vulnerable people and raising some much needed money will hopefully assist in meeting this ongoing challenge.

The album kicks off with a blistering slice of electro-punk from The Parasite with label owners Ian and Bob getting the party started. The first of many tracks featuring Ian’s vocals he also appears with new tracks from 2 Lost Souls, Four Candles, and in partnership with Mark Corrin.

Our “pop” bands are also well represented with new tunes from Dislocation Dance, Positronik, and a christmas offering from Boz Hayward (video below) plus a remix from Lizard Brain.

Our electronic contingent are in fine form with new tunes from Captain Black, Jed, Night Operations, Inferior Complex and The Junta, plus a remix from Toska Wilde.

Our indie and punk bands also provide a rich mix with new music from Longsight (their debut release for the label), Loop-aznavour, Mark Corrin, La Capsula, The Screaming Love Collective, The Mind Sweepers, Umbrella Assassins, and The Get. A great new track from The Harveys also comes with a great video from Paul Forshaw.

The more experimental corner of our roster is ably covered by m.t. scott, michael and robert, Moff Skellington, Filed Fangs, Passage of Time, and Dominic Carlton Jones all of who have created some cutting edge new sounds.

The album concludes with a chance to hear a track from the excellent new solo album from Ember Rev’s Dan Ecclestone.

The release is priced at £5 (or pay more if you want) which is bargain for 36 tracks!