Victims of the Dance?

Dominic Carlton Jones kicks off 2021 with a new single

Salford’s award winning singer-songwriter returns with a double A side – of the new release Dominic says “The Red String of Fate was originally a commissioned piece of work for a work colleague-James Steeles-who asked me to write a song about finding his love. I got several phrases from James and a little of the genre he wanted for the track before proceeding with it. James disappeared But I liked what I was doing and thought it had “single” written all over it so decided to release it as that. The Dance of the Night came about via lockdown drink/meet with Cat Jerome and Danny Needham where I preview new ideas and get feedback. In this case Cat provided some initial phrases for the track which I then pieced together.”

The single is available digitally via Bandcamp and can be streamed/downloaded from all of the major sites.