Life in Orbit

On April 2nd The Screaming Love Collective return with a brand new album “Life In Orbit”.

Of the new release Bryn Thorburn says “It’s about people’s love of repetition and finding comfort in the familiar. How people move about the space they live in, cities made of loops, ring roads, subways etc and how we use them….people are creatures of habit and repetition, we like to walk the same route, park in the same spot, even sit at home in the same place and it feels less comfortable if we have to change. The album was written using a small selection of loops and samples featuring in each song which although different will begin to have a feeling of familiarity as you go through the album. When writing this album I imagined it being played on an old Walkman and going for a walk letting muscle memory dictate where I went.”

Album purchasers on Bandcamp will also be getting an additional bonus track which is not on streaming version!

In addition we are re-releasing last years album “We Breathe Like This Now”