Cambridge Calling Volume Five

The fifth in our series of compilations celebrating the music and musicians of the Cambridge area, compiled as always by DJ Dave Hammond, will be released on Bandcamp on July 23rd and available for wider digital streaming soon thereafter

All proceeds from the sales of this release will be donated to Cambridge Aid which is a registered charity and a point of last resort for those in desperate financial need within Cambridge and its surrounding villages. They offer financial help to individuals and families in need, whilst the referring organisation may be dealing with the underlying causes of distress. The grants give comfort, provide basic essential needs and help to maintain dignity. Cambridge Aid seeks donations from various local organisations, trusts, charities and individuals. The funds are administered by voluntary Trustees who meet fortnightly to consider applications for support which are submitted on behalf of individuals or families. They are recognised as offering a rapid and flexible response with minimal overhead costs. We are happy to support this organisation with this release.

Artists to be featured on the latest release are:

  • BansheeVa
  • Death To Slow Music
  • People Look Like Dogs
  • Jaymotts
  • Collars
  • Creepy Neighbour
  • Naomi Randall
  • Dom Howard
  • Lady Birdface
  • Sunday Driver
  • Percy Black
  • Tom Bainbridge
  • Keith Somerville
  • Helefonix
  • The Routine
  • Star Pixel
  • Shambertans
  • The Mardlers

Once again Dave has selected an eclectic genre hopping list of some of the best music in the Cambridge area. We are also indebted once again to Stewart Harris for his stunning album cover design.

More details on the album will be forthcoming as we get closer to the release date.