Three releases from Moff Skellington

Moff closes a busy musical year with three releases – two new and one old.

Firstly we have what Moff says will be his last new release for a while as he wants to spend more time concentrating on his visual art. Mr Kipling’s Palace Ceiling is the culmination of a journey whereby we have released all of his back catalogue (excluding those released by Invisible Giri Records). The latest of his current batch of recordings is a seventeen track 53 minute collection which thematically, and in respect of content, completes narrative arcs and characters from other albums in the series. This is perhaps the purest form of Eddodi with Moff’s unique narrative gift and musical abstraction delivered in its distilled and concentrated form. The parallel world of Abstercot has never been clearer with a mix of characters, places, and sounds brought together to deliver a unique listening experience . We resist the urge to use the standard industry acronym RIYL with Moff’s work as there are no easy comparators given its unique sound and content but it is essentially English and Northern whilst being both otherworldly and geographically unmeasurable. Moff has often resisted any attempt to catalogue and analyse what he does and we will respect that desire and allow the listener to draw their own conclusions from the listening experience.

Our second offering goes back to the beginning with, at long last, the full digital release of Moff’s first album Eddodi. In doing this we have completed the long desired aim of releasing all of his back catalogue. The nascent sound of Moff is here with the debut of many characters who re-emerge later in the series. Moff fans at long last will be able to enjoy the detailed and rich development of this unique musical and artistic journey. The folk roots of the music are perhaps more evident in this release however the key elements of the Eddodi form are already in place, albeit not yet fully formed.

We close the trilogy of releases with the third (and perhaps final) in the Skrota series – Skrotee. Conceived as a potential new live extravaganza the series combines a selection of Moff’s visual art combined with short musical statements in the form of an LP side sized worth of visual/auditory entertainment. The always shifting aural and visual landscape of the piece comprises 12 new elements, one of which is repeated at the culmination of the presentation. The development of the video by producer Bob Osborne and a happy accident resulted in a new visual approach with the observer being taken into a parallel negative Skrotal universe to emerge at the end back in the positive world. Utterly unique and compelling this is a fine way to pause the Moff Skellington journey for a while.


Release dates are

29th October 2021 – Mr Kipling’s Palace Ceiling
19th November 2021 – Edoddi
26th November 2021 – Skrotee