Nascent Flea EP

We are pleased to announce a new release from Flea.

This is nascent Flea: A menacing, prescient commentary on consumer society driven by a relentless Boss drum machine and recorded in Manchester’s Boardwalk basement. A riff ridden and raw reminder that it wasn’t just Madchester in 1989. Five unreleased, hidden gems.

The tracks were recorded by Roger Cadman at the Boardwalk Rehearsal Room 4 on March 24th 1989 and remixed by Boz Hayward in 2021. The EP was mastered by Karl Sveinsson at Queen’s Ark Audio 2021

The original long legged flea sketch on the cover was created by Paul Morley, 1989 and ‘Fossilised’ by Boz Hayward on 2021.

Boz created a brand new video for opening track ‘Glam Sham’ specially for this release.

This is a digital only release.