Three New Releases for December 3rd

At the start of busy month we are pleased to announce three new releases.

Recorded Live at Aatma Manchester on 15th October 2021 by Paul Forshaw. Mastered by Bob Osborne. Adventures of Salvador are live and in your face with three brand new tracks showcased. Loud, proud and intense!

Ian and Ed return with three new tunes to keep the Stepbrothers project going some 28 years later. The Honourable Ted is featured! Ian says “A friendship that runs long and deep , built on trusting each other’s instincts. This is a three track example of highly organic music making from The Honourable Ted and his owd mucker the disreputable Mr Fourcandles. What was begun in the 20th century shows no signs of being extinguished in the sick , violent and revolting year of 2021 , there is a wilfully defiant streak to Stepbrothers , they don’t fit in , they don’t care or try to fit in , they live their art , and open heartedly offer up unconditional love with Dadaist glee. It’s too late to stop now.”

The ever prolific Moff Skellington continues a busy year with a brand new project called “Kennel Bones”. It comes in five parts which will be released weekly during December and is exclusive to our subscribers and Bandcamp. Each piece includes a selection of new tunes from Moff captured in a one track EP sized parcel. This week we launch part (i).