Closing 2021 with a Christmas Bundle

We are launching four new releases today to conclude our activities for 2021.

Firstly we release the fourth and fifth episodes in the Kennel Bones series by Moff Skellington, although the fifth is curated by Moff who introduces Lembryon Popstars.

Kennel Bones (iv) follows the format of the previous three – that is a series of music tunes collected together in a new long form track. Finally in the series Brendyl Scoat (aka Kennel Bones (v)) finds Moff introducing the new Abstercot Boy Band “Lembryon Popstars” a collection of four loveable post-punk mop-tops who sing in the Lembryon Dialect which is unique to magical dream world of Eddodi. Imagine if The Residents had been formed in Leeds in 1981 and stewed in a pop of marmite tea for a few decades!

Next we are pleased to release our Charity Album for 2021 called “Beyond Our Kennel”

It is tradition for us to put out a compilation album for Christmas which both highlights our output but also aims to raise money for worthwhile causes. As usual at this time of year we focus our attention on Homeless Charity Shelter. There are 20 tracks on the album showcasing the diversity of genres on our label.

Featured on this release we have

  • New music from – L’Obtuce, Carterband (the debut recording) , 2 Lost Souls, Dislocation Dance, Dominic Carlton Jones, Passage of Time, Michael James Pollard, Jed, Mark Corrin, Captain Black, The Harveys, The Screaming Love Collective, The Right Side of Reason, Moff Skellington, The Parasite, and Moss Skellington
  • Remixes from – The Junta, Inferior Complex, The Teenage Propshafts and Auster Boys
  • And a live track from – PrunX

16 of the tracks are available for limited streaming on Bandcamp. Only if the album is purchased do the other bonus five tracks become available.

All money raised from this release will donated to Shelter.

Finally we have a live recording from The Eagle Inn in Salford of Four Candles . Captured in June 2019. A vibrant and vivacious performance by our four loveable mop-tops plus their partners in crime the strikingly illuminating The Matches. The inter-song chat is worth the price of entry alone as is the debut of Doughnuts where the backing vocalists are introduced to the lyrics on the spot. It was a rather special gig and we are pleased to share it with you.

Only one track will be available for streaming on Bandcamp – the album must be purchased to gain access to all of the tracks.

We’ll be back on January 7th with a brand new album from The Screaming Love Collective.