The return of The Hidden Gem

Originally well known performers on the Manchester scene in the early 2010s The Hidden Gem hung up their boots in 2015 with members going their separate ways most notably vocalist/guitarist Danny Cusick forming the band KIT B. After a short-ish retirement they are back with a brand new vinyl only release single with plans for a CD later in the year. Known for their melodic and insanely catchy tunes the band is releasing their first formal single via German Shepherd Records on 18th April 2022.

The band is Danny Cusick – vocal and guitar, Paul Smith – guitar, Barrie Reilly – bass, Craig Bodell – keyboards and Mark Robertson – drums.

Details of how to purchase the single will be available from the band’s Facebook Page

German Shepherd Kennel Club members will receive an exclusive digital copy of the single as part of their subscription package.