King of Fruit Vol. 3 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the third volume of the King of Fruit Trilogy by Umbrella Assassins.

Of this new release the band say….

“Welcome to Heaven, where the fruit grows in abundance, and the cherubs dance to the beat of Shed Punk. The gates will only open for those whose souls have been cleansed by the history of punk rock. Inside, Umbrella Assassins have grown five fresh fruits. Forbidden, but only to the wicked. Let your temptation overwhelm you and enjoy your new-found redemption.

Written by Steve Church, Andrew Plumb, Garry Mckervill.
Steve – Guitar/Vocals
Bunge – Bass/Vocals
Garry – Drums/Percussion/Keys/Vocals
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Garry Mckervill at Tiny Eyes Studios, Haverhill, Suffolk.

What is the story behind the King of Fruit Trilogy? We asked Steve Church…

“I eat a lot of fruit, but I’ve never had Dorian fruit. I’ve read about them and how they evoke widely different opinions from love to absolute disgust. I liked the thought of a fruit being ‘banned’ as it is in some countries apparently! This all got me thinking…..about music.

In the music video for ‘Rich’, from Volume 1 we imagined fruit was some sort of currency or something reserved for the rich and we gorged ourselves upon it until we went crazy. After this I started to think about how music “grows” like fruit on a tree, when it’s ripe it’s picked and its seeds are distributed, listened to and opinions are formed.Then as an offshoot (no pun intended) we decided we would release the songs as segments; or volumes, as it’s more commonly known. This was partly due to covid restrictions limiting our time in the studio together and having the idea each volume’s artwork would represent hell, purgatory and heaven, consecutively. Each volume features a Dorian fruit. “The King Of Fruit” in its art work. I think we also thought it was a cool name for a bunch of songs. I hope to one day taste a Dorian fruit and form my own opinion”.

The March edition of Eighth Day Magazine will include a feature and interview on the band.

Garry, Steve and Bunge