Third Unseasonal Beasts Volume Released

Manchester/Salford musical luminaries Simon “Ding Archer” (The Fall, The Pixies, PJ Harvey, 6 dB Studios) and Ian “Moet” Moss (Hamsters, Four Candles, The Parasite) working together to create a truly unique marriage of electronic rock and punk enthused lyricism as Unseasonal Beasts. The third in a series of releases.


This release took some time to emerge, a combination of lockdown and Ding being a very busy person led to some delay. It has been well worth the wait mind you, the selection in this volume completes the Unseasonal Beasts project.


Ding provides the music, the sounds and the production. Moet provides the words and the vocals.

Special guests on this release are as follows

Where’s Booji Boy? – Tamsin Middleton – Backing Vox, Seth Leppard – Guitar
Kick The Priest – Tamsin Middleton – Backing Vox , Dan Woolfie – Drums
An Aural Assault On The Senses – Seth Leppard – Guitar, Eoghan Clifford – Atmospherics
Scratch That Itch – David Wolfenden – Guitar, Eoghan Clifford – Atmospherics, Lee Broadbent – Keys, Dan Woolfie – Drums

The EP was recorded at 6dB studios, Salford and artwork and design was by Bob O.