The Aromanac or The Nose Of Shadows

We are pleased to present a brand new project called The Aromanacs. The contributors to this new endeavour are Ian Moss, Stephen Doyle, Moff Skellington and Bob Osborne. The project kicked off following a couple of surreal e-mails between Moff and Bob where the former started describing how a variety of “celebrities” might smell. This stimulated a discussion about how they might present these words with a musical backing. Ian and Stephen were brought on board to create a unique package of pieces – we hope this will be the first in a series of episodes of this project.

Music was provided by Moff and Bob and words were written by Moff and Ian mostly but with Bob adding a few ideas into the mix which were re-imagined by Moff.

There’s a detailed booklet as part of the download which gives more of a background to the project and presents the words.

It is both funny and serious and we hope it stimulates listeners interest in the ancient art of Nasomancy and perhaps encourages them to write their own Aromanacs!