New releases from Auster Boys and Ditch Swimmer, & live Harveys

We have two new releases this week

The Auster Boys are back with another psychogeographical ramble through rural Northamptonshire where historical ghosts mingle with modern day irritants as the geography, sociology and infrastructure of the county transforms into something less than perfect.

Texts were mangled from the following in development of these new pieces TS Monk, TS Eliot, DJ Graney, ME Smith, MR James, A Noyes, T Hannigan and J Lord was responsible for “The Saxon is full of dogs” comment.
Bob Auster South – Words and Narrative, Cover Photograph
Bob Auster North – Noises, Cover Design

Secondly we have the debut release from Leeds group Ditch Swimmer who are Mark Stainton, Doug Aikman and Jason Pick.

Mark and Doug have been acquainted for quite some time. They first rubbed shoulders when hanging around the gates of the local primary school which their children attended, and subsequently as rivals on the 5-a-side football pitch and in that nest of vipers, the north Leeds music scene. After 15 years of abuse hurled at one another from cars, threats to slash each other’s tyres, and a tangible sense of general mutual resentment, Mark and Doug have finally, inevitably, decided to set aside their differences, to let bygones be bygones. And what better ointment does nature have for healing old wounds than making sweet music together? Jason is a friend of Mark’s: Doug will be polite to him when they eventually meet. For all three, DITCH SWIMMER is a departure from the turbulent froth of performative rock’n’roll, an excursion into stiller, more reflective waters. Mark is a guitarist, finding his musical inspiration in the likes of Tom Waits, PJ Harvey/John Parish, Tricky, Bonnie Prince Billy, Smog, Cave/Ellis. Jason, a fan of Dylan, Beefheart and Krautrock, is Mr Versatility: a capable guitarist and drummer, but responsible here for “programming the beats” and playing the synth. Doug is a vocalist/lyricist claiming to be influenced by no-one and nothing apart from an anxious tendency to “dwell on things”. Together they have created this debut EP, “Foolish Vanity Project”, comprising four tracks – This shouldn’t be happening, Slippers, Tenterhooks and Vignette

Cover photo/artwork was by Grebo Gray and layout by Zmaya Gacanovic Gray

Hot off the press a recording of The Harveys from 19th March 2022. It’s footage of the entire set performed that night when they were supporting The Monochrome Set. Thanks to Paul once again for doing a great job with the sound and vision. This is the first video to appear on a new You Tube channel for The Harveys. More to follow

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