Es. return with new EP – Café

RELEASE DATE –   18th April 2022

FORMAT –   Digital EP

GENRE –  Lo-Fi , Jazz-Hop, Dream-Hop

ARTIST BACKGROUND –   Daniel Cunnington continues his new project 

After a run of critically acclaimed single Daniel brings us the first EP from the Es. Project


Zac Fahey – Blank Street Press – If you’re after something different this month, the solo project from Daniel Cunnington from sycloner, Es., has what you need with his hypnotic single ‘speed’. Described as a Lo-fi, Groov-hop, brassy ode to comic books the track features a rhythmic pattern of haunting audio samples behind a grimy baseline and punchy live drums. Set to a fittingly strange video featuring interpretive dancing ‘speed’ offers endless pondering and interpretation.

Galactic Granny Records – Es. has so far released three singles, “Drive”, “Club” and most recently “Speed”. Daniel is a talented multi-instrumentalist who describes his music as lo-fi jazz-hop/dream-hop. We love how Es. blends a variety of instruments and sound production techniques with vocal samples to create songs ranging from chill-ambient beats to film-noir-like vibes.