Great Reviews for Weimar debut and lots of radio!

We are pleased to see a series of very positive reviews for Weimar’s “Dancing On A Volcano” album. These include:

Alex Dungworth at RGM says “Dancing On A Volcano is certainly an album that’s filled with its share of uniqueness and quirks… post-punk with storytelling pantomime style lyrics and world music influence.”

Keith Walsh at reports
“Manchester is known as the originator of excellent music, and Weimar’s Dancing On A Volcano encapsulates all of the city’s creativity, in an album filled with insightful lyrics and outstanding performances.” comment

“Delving into themes such as gentrification and cultural erosion, wolves in sheep’s clothing running society; the underbelly of glamour and glitz, and the contrast between polished façades and the decadence within. Dancing On A Volcano paints a brutal and honest picture of human nature and culture in the 2020s. We hear shades of Magazine, Pylon, and Wall of Voodoo stylistically, with the wry lyrics of The Divine Comedy.”

Simon Phillips gives very insightful and in-depth review of the album in Whisperin’ & Hollerin’!

Pete at The RingMaster Review also features “Soho Rain” in his latest set of single reviews:
“a track which epitomises the multi-flavoured character of their sound and the artful imagination in their songwriting”

There has also been a great deal of airplay for the album including plays on Radio Wigman, taintradio, River Gibbs FM, West Norfolk Radio, Salford City Radio, The Third Class Ticket Radio Show!, The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show, Lonely Oak Radio, Mad Wasp Radio, Blue Torch Radio, Pop Radio UK, Good Music Radio, and many more. TURN UP THE VOLUME featured “The Girls Of LA” on their Summer Jukebox 2022 playlist! and music from the album also features on many other Spotify Playlists.

Also well worth tuning in for Aidan will be presenting New Music O’Clock on EmptyVee TV on Wed 20th July!