Splitting Seams and Lost Albums

This weeks releases are from 2 Lost Souls and Dislocation Dance.

2 Lost Souls continue their massive singles project with Number 48 in the list (counting backwards) with “Splitting at the Seams”.

We are also proud to present a long lost album from 80s post-punk dance specialists Dislocation Dance. Here is Ian Runacres, the band’s front man, story of the album:

Ian Runacres with the history of The Lost Album”

“I have loads of cassettes stored in boxes in my loft. Lots of live recordings taken directly from the desk, during the early to mid 1980’s. These catalogue the band from quite early on as a four piece, such as the 101 Club in Washington and the Mudd Club in New York, which are both quite good; to numerous gigs at Band on the Wall with Kathryn Way (we almost had a residency there, we played so often), to London gigs with Sonjah, such as Diorama in Finsbury Park and the Cricketers next to the Oval. Some of the recordings hold up reasonably well. There’s also loads of cassettes labelled ‘Ian’s demos’, ‘monitor mixes’ and crucially I rediscovered one labelled ‘Dislocation Dance Sessions’. It’s this cassette that revealed a bunch of home recordings for an album we never recorded, at least not in its entirety.

We’d been doing loads of gigs around 1984 into early 1985 and had become pretty hot, (if I say it myself). The band was tight and dynamic and super energised. Much of the set was new material that we’d planned to record as an album. I’m not sure why, but we only recorded three of the songs at Drone Studios, along with a cover of Charlie Mingus’ Fables of Faubus, (which was a live favourite at Band on the Wall). I’ve no idea why we didn’t also record the other tracks, as they were fab. But, remarkably and fortunately we recorded them live in the home studio at 569 Wilmslow Road, with just one or two overdubs, (such as a vocal harmony or extra keys). If we hadn’t had done so, the songs would’ve been lost forever, at least in the form we played them live. A fab line up, too. Richard (best drummer in Manchester) Harrison, Paul Emmerson on bass, Andy Diagram on trumpet and keys, Herbie Bryan on tenor sax, me on guitar and vocals and Sonjah who’s jazz phrasing, range and lyricism was absolutely phenomenal. If there was ever a time we should’ve done Glastonbury, it was then!!

The recordings are very DIY; they aren’t beautifully produced. But I really think they capture the collective intuition of the band at that time. I have to say, I didn’t realise at the time that we were so fucking brilliant. Just listen to Richard’s drumming and cowbell work on ‘I Feel’ – no overdubs, there. Just amazing playing. I kinda wish I had realised how good we were, as I might have pushed to record it all properly.

Anyhow. That’s all history. But I’m so pleased that I dusted off the cassette and gave it a spin. And I’m forever grateful to German Shepherd records for making it available. It’s a real lost gem, in my view. I think it captures a version of the band at the height of their creativity; a particular moment in time that was very special.

On reflection, I suspect that we already knew that the band in that form was coming to an end, though. Andy Diagram had signed with Virgin Records, as a member of The Pale Fountains and was increasingly committed to working with Michael Head. Paul Emmerson, had a medium term plan to live in Portugal, which he saw through and ended up living in Lisbon for about five years. Myself and Sonjah had an ambition to sign to a major label with songs we were writing together and recording in the 569 Wilmslow Road studio. There’s more of that story to come, but suffice to say that we recorded an album and half of material and almost secured a major deal, if not for some of our uncompromising lyrical content!”

The Drone Session recordings and a demo version of I Feel are bonus tracks for purchasers of the album and for Kennel Club members

Ian Runacres : Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, programming
Sonjah Clegg : Vocals
Richard Harrison : Drums
Paul Emmerson : Bass
Andy Diagram : Trumpet and Keyboards
Herbie Bryan Saxophone