Another 2 Lost Souls Single, a new Parasite album and The Junta Live

Another busy week here in the Kennel.

First up we continue the ongoing series of singles from 2 Lost Souls with “You’ve Got Everything (But You’ve Got Nothing)”. Guest artist, on bass, on this one is gentle giant Jon Rowlinson (Hamster, Sicknurse, Resist, Kill Pretty) who add his nimble fingers to the mix.

Next, The Parasite are back with a new album. The music developed over a number of months but the words and mixing were all put together in a matter of days. Of this new release Ian Moss says “A lot had happened in the few months since we had last worked together , I’d suffered another severe jolt in terms of health and the country had seemingly woken up to the fact that our elected leaders were a bunch of incompetent bluffers and carpetbaggers , as war is waged on European soil and the rising cost of living pushes more and more people into a poverty trap the blinkers of complacency were being torn off , it was time for a response from the Parasite , ten tracks arrived in my inbox , ten tracks that needed words and a voice , I’d been scribbling down the half remembered dreams and abstract thoughts I woke with , a bunch of these rabid things would be used , the track ” slug trail” from our last album had more juice that could be squeezed from it and would be revisited, a bold strategy was decided upon , the vocalist would not hear the tracks he was to sing to in advance , he would trust that his partner was in tune with him , trust his partners taste , his choices , his musical vocabulary, in little more than an hour each track was vocalised , the singer riding rhythms as they hit him , responding to the musical prompts instinctively, it was a musical high wire act with no safety net , it could prove to be a misstep , an irredeemable failure , its the chance one must take in pursuing true spontaneity and inspiration , Miles Davis took chances , Brian Enos oblique strategies were all about risking failure and embracing failures , viewing them rather as accidental successes, for better or for worse the Parasite would roll the dice and follow its dictates , this pair of dicemen would take a chance man”

Luke Rhinehart or Mark E. Smith? – you choose!

And finally we are pleased to present a video of The Junta Live at Pop in Hyde on 29th July.

The set list for the evening was Man As An Island, Moonbase Alpha, Ergonomic, Sentient, All Roads, and, Follow Your Dreams