Staggs, 2 Lost Souls and Moff

Two new releases and a relaunch this week.

First up STAGGS are back with a brand new single called “Smash Hits” which is best described as follows:

Shona is 60 years old. When was 12 in 1974 she was besotted with Les, Eric, Woody, and the brothers, Alan and Derek. She wore tartan and screamed a lot and followed them assiduously. Over time her tastes changed and by the age of 19 she had moved onto the more mature pop idol, her focus was directed towards a 33 year old Welshman who had absorbed the persona of a 50s American rocker.and had adapted/adopted Jim Lowes 1956 hit about Speakeasy’s. In 1983 Shona’s musical life was turned upside down when she saw The Fall at The Hacienda. The song Ludd Gang that they played that night was a vibrant metaphor for the change in her tastes – she moved from Smash Hits to Sounds. She now reads The Wire and listens to Free Jazz and obscure Italian heavy metal. STAGGS have never appeared in The Wire, they really ought to as they exemplify the “outsider” remit of that august publication. STAGGS dissect and reconstruct the Rollers story with the world weary cynicism that has become their modus operandi of late. Shakey’s “massacre” of Green Door is converted into an everyday story of schoolday trauma with disco interludes and a call to dance which echoes post-punk darkness. Shona considers that The Fall’s 1982 song I’m Into CB perhaps is another metaphor for the transient nature of popular culture and wonders if the stepsister in that song was based, in part, on her. Les STAGGS sont de retour, vive les STAGGS.

2 Lost Souls continue their mammoth 52 Singles Project with Wasted Youth – a funky little rock groover which should have you out of your seat and doing the Watusi – even in this heat!

We are also pleased to announce the reissue of Moff Skellington’s “Golfer In Disgrace” album which was originally released in 2017. Also don’t forget it’s the second episode of Moff’s Radio Pop Eddodi from Podbean, Bandcamp and Mixcloud this coming Saturday at 5pm