Weimar launch new video

Weimar have released a video of ‘I Smashed The Looking Glass’ from the Dance On A Volcano album. It’s a surreal upbeat rock number enhanced by psychedelic effects, exploring such themes of identity crisis and the interrelationship between the artist’s true self and their public persona.

“Thematically, this song is a response to Kraftwerk’s classic ‘The Hall Of Mirrors’, which explored how an artist’s true self is distorted and eventually lost in the creation of an ideal persona. ‘I Smashed The Looking Glass’ is it’s spiritual sequel, exploring the artist’s escape from the trappings of such a persona, a significant challenge in an age of cult icons and social media performity,” says frontman Aidan Cross.

Cynical and sardonic, but also optimistic and hopeful, this song features a special guest appearance from the legendary solo artist and Adventures of Salvador member Loop-Aznavour on theremin, enhancing the psychedelic effects that soundtrack the narrator’s identity crisis and subsequent triumph over adversity.

We love it when our artists work together and this is a perfect example of the magic that happens when these talented folk interact.

The video has already been featured via Amplify Music Mag and got video of the week at Turn Up The Volume.