New releases from 2 Lost Souls and Hartwig Skellington

The 23rd release in 2 Lost Souls massive 52 singles project is released on 13th January,. A soulful slow groover, it features deft piano playing from guest Robert Leili. A moody reflection on the vulnerability of the human condition to the ravages of fate, it seems remarkably prescient.

In addition we are pleased to present the new album from the partnership of Moff Skellington and Paul Hartwig wherein the transatlantic adventures of Hartwig Skellington continue with their second release.

The nearest comparison I can make, to give you some sort of clue about what is going on here, is to reflect on the febrile chunterings of the mad Lithuanian/Greek Monk Pastor Gregorovich Gobstopperopolis whose 17th century writings predate, with uncanny clarity, a Lovecraftian demimonde of be-tentacled monsters living in dark dank spaces at the edges of time and space. With gibbous perpendicular clarity Hartwig Skellington assail the conformity of popular music and create a parallel universe of fascinating sounds coupled with Moff’s often astringent Abstercotian outlook on the panoply of the modern world. This sophomore outing sees the duo expanding on their debut and taking matters further and longer into the parts others dare not enter. Pardonia has played a significant role in the Abstercotian dream-space previously and this collection further codifies and exemplifies this peculiar English trope albeit with an American patina.