Port, 2 Lost Souls and Filed Fangs Videos Launched


‘So Far Away’ is the first single by Port, a group formed by Kathryn Way (former singer, songwriter and saxophonist with Manchester indie pioneers Dislocation Dance) and Michael James Pollard.

The title track builds from a simple string motif with Kathryn’s beautifully distinctive vocals floating in with a melancholy air leading us through to a final crescendo of voices. Whilst indie pop is at its core, the song introduces elements of jazz and folk to both disrupt and enhance the pop flow.

The accompanying track, ‘From Ebb Until Flow’, is a radically alternative, instrumental take on ‘So Far Away’ which fully embraces the jazz and folk elements introduced in the title track.

Beginning with the haunting but very considered notes of a solo piano, played by Alex Pollard, the song quickly develops with Alex’s natural jazz piano responses intertwining with the beautifully crafted violin playing of Eilidh Pollard. This time the song builds to a crescendo of strings and guitars, finally collapsing in shrieking feedback.

All income raised from the sale of ‘So Far Away’ is being donated to the #helpjoellivelonger campaign.

In September 2019 Joel, the 19 year old son of Stephanie Danziger and Dislocation Dance’s Ian Runacres, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. This is the most aggressive and lethal of all brain cancers. To help prolong his life, the best option for Joel is to receive pioneering new treatments, as quickly as possible. However they are very expensive.

The aim is to help Joel live longer.

Information about Joel’s story and the fundraising campaign can be found at Go Fund Me and Facebook.

“So Far Away” is available in CD Single Format or as a digital download.

2 Lost Souls

We are pleased to announce the release of “Disposable” number 19 of the 52 Singles project by 2 Lost Souls.

Filed Fangs

Previewing next weeks release by Filed Fangs we have videos to share.

On the back of last year’s epic ‘How Sounds Can Fight Shadows’, we are treated to two mixes of Filed Fangs’ bite #8 called ‘Introvert Aversion’. The heavier second mix, called ‘Introvert Inversion’, is a reflective, angry and sensitive, powerful electronic piece. Layers of Boz’s guitar enter, leave and weave through the electronic sounds programmed by meister Paul Morley. It is also Boz’s Filed Fangs vocal debut that includes monastic-style chanting. Almost venturing on Mogwai territory but keeping the Filed Fangs edge, it has a calming finale: Boz’s Levene-esque guitar plays out Introvert Inversion and is complemented with subtle flourishes of electronica. Introvert Aversion settles with looped guitar-string ‘chimes’. Overall, this is a majestic piece of dark to light song craft.

Introvert Aversion

Introvert Inversion