New Releases from Filed Fangs and 2 Lost Souls

On the back of last year’s epic ‘How Sounds Can Fight Shadows’ a new release from Filed Fangs. We are treated to two mixes of Filed Fangs’ bite #8 called ‘Introvert Aversion’. The heavier second mix, called ‘Introvert Inversion’, is a reflective, angry and sensitive, powerful electronic piece. Layers of Boz’s guitar enter, leave and weave through the electronic sounds programmed by meister Paul Morley. It is also Boz’s Filed Fangs vocal debut that includes monastic-style chanting. Almost venturing on Mogwai territory but keeping the Filed Fangs edge, it has a calming finale: Boz’s Levene-esque guitar plays out Introvert Inversion and is complemented with subtle flourishes of electronica. Introvert Aversion settles with looped guitar-string ‘chimes’. Overall, this is a majestic piece of dark to light song craft.

We are also pleased to release another track in the 2 Lost Souls 52 Singles series – Outside Chance