New releases from Ember Rev and 2 Lost Souls

Ember Rev’s first album appeared in 2017, a year after they first started playing together.

Songs from the album made up their first live sets, although a number of other even earlier songs existed which were intended for an acoustic ep but never recorded.

This re-appraising and re-working is an attempt to capture the character of the songs as they sounded when performed live. This was not represented in the earlier arrangements which Dan Ecclestone felt compromised the songs themselves; songs that they still play to this day. Re-titled “In Super-8” this is an exciting new collection of familiar songs from the band.

We are offering this release as Pay What You Want

Number 14 of the 52 singles series from 2 Lost Souls features regular guest bassist Jon Rowlinson and is called “Yesterday’s Gone”. A jangling piece of psychedelia with a strong back best this is yet another example of the variety this set of singles encompasses.