New music from Positronik and 2 Lost Souls

21st April sees two new releases

Firstly, the final offering on our label from Manchester Pop Trio Positronik. With all three members of the group currently busy as integral parts of Manchester Supergroup San Pedro Collective this release is a welcome reminder of the quality pop music they can and have delivered.

Monty, Nat and The Captain

“Come And Look At What You Would’ve Won”, derived from the deadpan closing catch-phrase of Jim Bowen from legendary darts and quiz show “Bullseye” , perhaps hints at the failure of the wider public to latch onto the classy pop stylings of Positronik. Emerging from the ranks of Pearl Divers back in 2011 the trio has consistently delivered stunning tunes written by “Captain” Jeff Black over 13 releases. This final release is a fitting coda to the work of a band that deserved much wider success than they received.

Also this week we continue the massive 52 Singles Project from 2 Lost Souls. Number 9 in the series is a jaunty country tune from Paul Rosenfeld overlaid with a dark lyrical message about government oppression from Ian Fourcandles. You can shimmy to it but it makes you think!